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First Day Fashion Options

Since back to school is almost here I wanted to decide what to wear. I love fashion, but back to school fashion is even more exciting for me because it’s new! I have all kinds of really great things to wear. I could use your help! My mommy is going to post 3 pictures of outfits I really love. You get to vote for your favorite one and let me know which I should wear on my first day of school! Fun, right?!

The clothes came from Walmart, Old Navy and Target

So have a look and then my mom says you you can answer on the poll at the bottom of the post! We love feedback so if you have something extra to say you can find us on  Facebook or Twitter.

We really can’t wait to see which one you pick!

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking part in the poll!


School Shopping

It’s time to go back to school. Well for me it’s time to START school. I’m so lucky. I get new clothes and stuff just because I’m going to “big school”! Mommy took me out and we went to the big mall. It was so much fun. We even had lunch out at New York Fries! I got these really cool surprise bags filled with beautiful accessories from Claire’s. Inside were beautiful hair clips, hair bands and lots of jewelry. (Moms note:  the junior version had 2 bags for $5.00 approx. 20 items, several of which were not age appropriate although they are geared more towards younger girls. A really fantastic purchase if you want some fun accessories.) I can’t wait to get another one!  We went to a lot of stores and it made me very tired but I was okay because I get to pick my own stuff. Mommy and I do not always like the same things but she still lets me pick things. I tried on lots of clothes and I got to buy a lot of it. Mommy said I can mix new stuff with old to make new outfits and then it’s not so much money. I think I want to go back for more but I’ll have to take my own piggy bank, mommy said her bank is now empty.

Wanna see a few of the things I got?

It was even more fun coming home and having a fashion show to show Daddy all my new things! He said I looked gorgeous. I think I do too, or maybe I look fancy.

How do you think I look?

Mommy wants to know: Have you started shopping for your kids yet? Try to remember to make it lighthearted and fun try on a few silly things to lessen the stress of B2S shopping with little ones!

Getting Ready For Kindergarden

I’m starting “big school” really soon so my mommy has been getting me some cool school supplies. She bought me the best lunch kit ever from Winners, and it’s made by Smart Planet. It’s kinda squishy so it gets small, but pops out to make more room. My mommy got it early so I could practice with it. That way I wont have any trouble when I’m on my own at school! It was tough at first but I finally got the hang of it. It has lots of room for all kinds of goodies. Since I am little my lunch won’t fill the spaces so mommy bought some little containers that fit well inside if I need them. It can be used flat too! How cool is that?! I have a feeling we are going to like this lunch kit! The only downside was our Winners store didn’t have any of the other Smart Planet products so we’ll have to keep our eye out and buy them if we find them.

My lunch kit all “popped open”

It squishes flat so I can save room in my backpack!


All full of lunch and being tested out from backpack to belly!

Do your kids have a cool lunch kit? I’d love to know what kind they have!

The opinions of this product are mine and my mom’s alone. We were not hired or compensated in any way to write about this product.
We simply bought it and wrote about it because we liked it.

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