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School Picture Day

Mommy forgot it was picture day to start off. I woke up grumpy. Mommy wouldn’t let me pick out my own clothes but I kept bugging her so so finally gave up. I wore my favorite red sweater. I love it so much and people always tell me it looks nice. We were walking to school, it takes so long! Then we saw the crossing guard and I said “have a nice day” to her. She smiled at me and said “enjoy picture day!” Then my mom stopped walking for a second and looked kinda funny like mad but also surprised. She told me she didn’t realize it was picture day and was upset that I was wearing old clothes. I didn’t really care much because I liked what I was wearing, that’s why I picked it out! Mom said it didn’t go with the background she asked for, whatever that means. Here is the proof of my picture, is it good or bad?


Mommy doesn’t like it so I will have to do it all over again. I sure hope she remembers the next time. (Side Note from Mommy: “I have marked it on every calandar I own, in hopes of making sure the retakes are fantastic! I always buy them so I won’t have a choice.”)


Getting Ready For Kindergarden

I’m starting “big school” really soon so my mommy has been getting me some cool school supplies. She bought me the best lunch kit ever from Winners, and it’s made by Smart Planet. It’s kinda squishy so it gets small, but pops out to make more room. My mommy got it early so I could practice with it. That way I wont have any trouble when I’m on my own at school! It was tough at first but I finally got the hang of it. It has lots of room for all kinds of goodies. Since I am little my lunch won’t fill the spaces so mommy bought some little containers that fit well inside if I need them. It can be used flat too! How cool is that?! I have a feeling we are going to like this lunch kit! The only downside was our Winners store didn’t have any of the other Smart Planet products so we’ll have to keep our eye out and buy them if we find them.

My lunch kit all “popped open”

It squishes flat so I can save room in my backpack!


All full of lunch and being tested out from backpack to belly!

Do your kids have a cool lunch kit? I’d love to know what kind they have!

The opinions of this product are mine and my mom’s alone. We were not hired or compensated in any way to write about this product.
We simply bought it and wrote about it because we liked it.

Glow In the Dark Fun

Sometimes I get bored. So I tell my mom. If is say it enough times, in just the right tone, (you know the one) my mom will give in and find something cool to do. Since we are always watching our Pennies she has to get creative.

Recently she took me on a trip to the dollar store and we bought some glow Sticks and other glowy stuff.

Here’s what we did with them!






So there you have it! Lots of fun for about $6.00! Get some for your kids, they’ll love it too!

Introducing Myself

My name is R*******, but I bet my Mommy will make me keep that a secret. She’s big on making sure I’m safe and my real name is one of those things. So on the blog you’ll know me as Roo. I’m little but I have a lot going on that I’d like to share

My Mommy has been a blogger since waaaay before I was born and it’s a big part of her life so of course I wanted to make my own too!

On my blog I’m going to talk about the things I like. Like any other girl, I like a lot of things. Here’s a list:

Crafting – Mommy and I do all kids of fun crafts


Cooking and baking – I might only be 4, but I know my way around the kitchen like Martha


Hair and Fashion – I seriously love clothes and accessories especially hats and jewelry!


I always thought my mom was a genius, until I found out her dirty little secret. Anyway, That’s a bit about me. I’ll be posting as often as my mom lets me. If you have any comments or questions please post them and I’ll reply!

Thanks for stopping my my blog!

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