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School Picture Day

Mommy forgot it was picture day to start off. I woke up grumpy. Mommy wouldn’t let me pick out my own clothes but I kept bugging her so so finally gave up. I wore my favorite red sweater. I love it so much and people always tell me it looks nice. We were walking to school, it takes so long! Then we saw the crossing guard and I said “have a nice day” to her. She smiled at me and said “enjoy picture day!” Then my mom stopped walking for a second and looked kinda funny like mad but also surprised. She told me she didn’t realize it was picture day and was upset that I was wearing old clothes. I didn’t really care much because I liked what I was wearing, that’s why I picked it out! Mom said it didn’t go with the background she asked for, whatever that means. Here is the proof of my picture, is it good or bad?


Mommy doesn’t like it so I will have to do it all over again. I sure hope she remembers the next time. (Side Note from Mommy: “I have marked it on every calandar I own, in hopes of making sure the retakes are fantastic! I always buy them so I won’t have a choice.”)


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