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Chick Flick With Mom

This morning I woke up grumpy. I didn’t feel grumpy but Mom said I was. She told me all the things we had to do today. All things I don’t like. Like cleaning everything. I was mad so I told her I didn’t want to help. Then Mommy said she didn’t want to do it either! Instead, she said maybe we could use some quiet mom and kid time. She asked me what I wanted to do instead of the work, and I said watch a movie.

We have Netflix on our TV now so I had lots I could pick! I had so many choices but Mom saw a movie that she said was from a book she read when she was a kid. It wasn’t a cartoon but it was a good movie. We watched Ramona and Beezus! There were really funny parts and one part that made me sad. Mom mentioned something about seeing “eye-candy“, whatever that means.

If you have a little girl too, you should definitely watch it. I know she’ll love it!

I think we both agreed it was a fun morning, now we are going to do all the work. Booo!


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  1. I have a 7 year old daughter and we LOVE watching this movie together! I love your blog! Wow! Amazing writing girl – keep it up!


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