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Squishy Baff

When mommy told me that she had something cool for my bath I expected a new bath toy or something. But no, she asked me if I want to have a bath in goo. Squishy Baff she called it. Umm… No. That’s gross. Then she showed me the box, and told me how it works. The box has these cute kids on it so I liked it. She ran me a bath (a shallow bath for best results) then I had to put in this bag of blue powder and swish the bath around. When that was done, I climbed into the tub and oh my goodness, it certainly was gooey. Like jello kinda, but not exactly. When bath time was over she gave me another badge of white powder to poor in and swish around. That made to goo turn back to regular water. It was like magic. Mommy was happy, knowing it wouldn’t clog up the drain (whatever that means…)

It comes in four colours, pink, green, red and blue (that’s what I got, but I would have rather had pink). Mommy bought it at Toys R’ Us. She found it a bit pricey but was happy you got two baths out of it. It was really strange, but in a good way. She said I could only do it once in a while for fun but not for every bath or she would be poor.

Here are some pictures of my Squishy Badge experience:


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The opinions of this product are mine and my mom’s alone. We were not hired or compensated in any way to write about this product.

We simply bought it and wrote about it because we liked it.


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