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Introducing Myself

My name is R*******, but I bet my Mommy will make me keep that a secret. She’s big on making sure I’m safe and my real name is one of those things. So on the blog you’ll know me as Roo. I’m little but I have a lot going on that I’d like to share

My Mommy has been a blogger since waaaay before I was born and it’s a big part of her life so of course I wanted to make my own too!

On my blog I’m going to talk about the things I like. Like any other girl, I like a lot of things. Here’s a list:

Crafting – Mommy and I do all kids of fun crafts


Cooking and baking – I might only be 4, but I know my way around the kitchen like Martha


Hair and Fashion – I seriously love clothes and accessories especially hats and jewelry!


I always thought my mom was a genius, until I found out her dirty little secret. Anyway, That’s a bit about me. I’ll be posting as often as my mom lets me. If you have any comments or questions please post them and I’ll reply!

Thanks for stopping my my blog!


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